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Daily Discussion Thread - September 24, 2022


Use this thread to post trade ideas, free talk stuff, fantasy sports, content that doesn't need it's own thread

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[Mod Post] New Mod Application Thread


Hey guys!

It's been almost a year since we've brought on new mods, and with the new season nearing we thought it was about time that we brought in some fresh recruits.

What does a mod do?

Review posts/comments/messages, update sidebar pictures, potential botting work

How much work is it?

We don't have any time requirements or metrics that mods need to adhere to. Just pitch in while you're already browsing the sub

Why would I want to mod?

Modding is best suited for active users of the subreddit that want to pitch in to improve things. If you have a specific expertise that you think would be beneficial to the subreddit (e.g., Python), you can use the subreddit to get more hands-on experience with a large established user base

What do I need in order to mod?

A computer, a reddit account with 2FA active, and a discord so you can be in communication with us


  • What time zone are you in?

  • Roughly how often do you browse r/nba?

  • How long have you been a part of our community and why do you think you'd be a good addition to the mod team?

  • Is there anything you'd like to change about the subreddit?

  • What is your favorite NBA memory?

  • Do you have any particular skill set that could benefit our subreddit mod team (coding, graphic design, etc.)?

  • Are you familiar with python/PRAW?

  • Are you interested in helping mod the sub discord?

The rest is up to you guys. Feel free to add anything else that you think might help make a case for why you should be a moderator for /r/nba.

All unrelated comments will be removed for sake of readability. Keep in mind that the amount of upvotes you get in this thread will not have an impact on your application. Please direct all questions to the sticky comment.

Thank you as always!

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[LeBron James] Do I have college eligibility if I went to play another sport besides basketball? How does that rule work?


Do I have college eligibility if I went to play another sport besides basketball? How does that rule work?


Looks like LeBron is weighing his options of possibly going back to school to attempt collegiate sports. What does this do for his legacy?

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3 years ago this month LeBron's attempt to trademark Taco Tuesday got denied


There's plenty of articles about his or his legal team's attempt to trademark this after he posted a series of viral videos exclaiming Taco Tuesday, part of a larger societal trend.

Edit: according to some of the comments, LeBron’s business team wanted a Taco Tuesday trademark specific to podcasts.



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News [Wojnarowski] New Orleans Pelicans guard CJ McCollum has agreed on a two-year, $64 million extension that’ll take him through 2025-2026, his agent Sam Goldfeder of @Excelbasketball tells ESPN. New deal ties McCollum to Pels for four years and $133M.

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4 Years ago Today:Kawhi Leonard laughs at Media Day and says he is a fun guy

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News [Wojnarowski] Cleveland Cavaliers F Dean Wade has agreed to a three-year, $18.5 million extension, his agents Austin Walton and Adam Papas tell ESPN.

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I pinpointed the exact moment that Kevin Garnett and JR Rider triggered Michael Jordan. (detailed report)


So a lot of people know this story that has been told by JR Rider and Kevin Garnett on podcasts in the last couple years. About how they were doing well against the Bulls, Kevin Garnett started saying JR was too strong for Michael, in front of Michael, and Michael then went off and the Bulls blew them out.

Like a good Redditor with access to the internet, I went ahead and located the game in question (2/27/1996, Box Score Per Basketball-Reference) and found not only when MJ went off, but also an image of this event.

Here on the Game Highlights, with 1:32 left in the 3rd quarter and the Bulls leading by 2. MJ attempts to post up JR, and JR fouls him, and Garnett then grabs JR and starts talking to him. As the game goes to commercial, you can see Garnett continuing to hold JR and talk, while MJ himself appears for just a second in the corner of the screen. This is a screenshot of the moment in question. Pretty lucky that the cameraman caught it.

Obviously things happened during the commercial break. As when they come back, Jordan is at the free-throw line, and then scores 8 points in the next 90 seconds (meaning that angry Michael Jordan scores roughly 256 points per 48 minutes if my math is correct). The announcer at one point even sys about MJ "I didn't think he was going to have 20 tonight, now he's got 33."

As per the Box Score, the Bulls went on to win by 21 points.

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[Andrews] James Wiseman is a full participant in this year’s training camp — his first camp with the Warriors. Steve Kerr says that missing camp has been a huge disadvantage for Wiseman the last two years



This is good news for the Warriors. Wiseman is a player on the Warriors and so him practicing is good for the Warriors and I think the Warriors would like to see Wiseman practice some more. Him practicing is good for the team that is known as the Warriors. He can be a important part of the team that is the Warriors. And by he I mean Wiseman. Thanks for reading I hope this is long enough.

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News [Wojnarowski] McCollum is one of six players to average 20-plus points in each of the last seven seasons, including Anthony Davis, DeMar DeRozan, LeBron James, Paul George and James Harden, per ESPN's @StatsWilliams

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News [Charania] Spurs’ Keldon Johnson has suffered a dislocated right shoulder, will miss the start of training camp and is expected to return for the start of the season.

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What is the best in game dunk of all time


My only request is you don’t list Carter jumping over that huge dude in the olympics as that would probably get half the votes.

Mine is the Lister Blister by Kemp. The wind up and sheer disrespect was a site to behold.

Update: Looks like Gerald Greens windmill alley oop is the winner.

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I re-watched the entirety of Sixers/Raps game 7 - and focused especially on the Embiid v Gasol matchup


Look away Sixers fans!

I re-watched the entirety of the 2019 Raptors vs Sixers game 7 because I'm sick and it's been a long off-season.

I mostly paid attention to the Embiid Gasol matchup, so I went possession by possession to show just how dominant Gasol was defensively in this game as well as the series. I didn't include possessions like DHOs or when he passes it out - just possessions that directly impacted the game. I'm also sure I missed a few assists and might've messed up the field goals but I did my best.

Embiid vs Gasol Possession by Possesion

Q1 - 1st Stint

Mid range miss (0-1)

Open 3 miss (0-2)

Mid range miss (0-3)

PnR mid range miss (0-4)

Wide open 3 miss (0-5)

Q1 - 2nd Stint

Turnover leading to fast break dunk

Travel (2 TOV)

Made layup (1-6)

** Q2 - 1st Stint**

Missed 3 (1-7)

Missed mid range (1-8)

Put back make (2-9)

Dribbles off his feet but manages to keep possession


Turnover leading to fast break dunk (3 TOV)


Fouled on 3 point attempt - made all 3

Blocked at the rim (2-10)

Missed 3 (2-11)


Q3 - 1st Stint

Missed mid range (2-12)

And-1 Layup (3-13)

Missed fadeaway (3-14)

Q3 - 2nd Stint

Dunk (4-15)

Fouled in the bonus - made both

Q4 - 1st Stint

Wide open missed 3 (4-15)

Made 3 (5-16)

Loose ball foul - missed 1 shot

Made mid range (6-17)

Missed layup (6-18)

Shot clock violation (not his fault - 4 TOV)

Turnover (5 TOV)

Fouled in the bonus - made both

Takeaways/Things I Noticed

• The 4th quarter was an absolute classic

•Serge Ibaka was Torontos 2nd best player by far this game

• Kawhi shot EVERYTHING he could

• Both teams shot VERY poorly

• Embiid was very solid defensively

• If Butler stayed with the Sixers - they win the east in 2020

• The Raptors (outside of Kawhi) were clearly nervous and played very poorly through the first 3 quarters

• Simmons played equivalent to current Matisse Thybulle

• Kyle Lowry had 3 offensive rebounds and a charge near the end of the 3rd quarter to spark the Raptors when they were flat

• Butler was terrible in the first 3 quarters (6 points) but came alive in the 4th

An absolute classic of a game and a series topped off by one of the greatest shots in NBA history.

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The Redeem Team Clip: - Kobe & Pau

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Day 85 of goated playoff performances: Steph Curry puts up a masterful 43/10/4 in Game 4 to tie the series up vs the Boston Celtics at 2-2, 2022 NBA Finals, 24 days left

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Highlight [Highlight] Andrew Wiggins Posterizes Warriors Staffer In 1st Practice of Season

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Shaq Responds To Ben Simmons | The Big Podcast | NBA on TNT

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Jimmer Fredette goes undercover as 'Slick Nick' & fools the BYU basketball team 😂 (via BYU Cougars)

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Highlight [Highlight] Khris Middleton 38 Points vs Hawks - 2021 ECF Game 3

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Highlight James Harden ROCKETS Debut! 37 Points, 12 Ast Highlights | October 31, 2012

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Which team or player you absolutely DON'T believe in? Please up views you disagree with


Try to say why, not just post a player's name with no explanation. This isn't about "who is overrated" or about being a hater, but players that you have a take that's unconventional where you just don't think they can do it.

For example, thinking Embiid will never go past the 2nd round, or saying 5 years ago Westbrook is a losing player who won't ever do shit in the post season without KD to carry him - something that is not the consensus opinion.

Since this is a controversial opinion thread, please upvote people you disagree with. Not complete troll comments, but yes for people you strongly disagree with or think are totally wrong.

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Jokic passing display vs Raptors [2002]. If there's one game I'd offer in service of evidence to the claim that Jokic is the best passer in the league - it's this one.

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Serge Ibaka demonstrates how to use household items and coconut juice in your daily skincare routine

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In the 2017 NBA Playoffs, OKC forward Andre Roberson shot 3/21 (14%) from the free throw line in a first-round matchup against the Rockets


Has there ever been a worse free throw shooting performance in the playoffs from a player.

Him and Ben Simmons would be a formidable duo against both opposing offensive players and the rim during free throws

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[Anthony Slater] Donte DiVincenzo has been working out with Moses Moody and scrimmaging on the same team as James Wiseman. Here is his discussing early impressions of both.

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Larry Bird shares his thoughts on why he would choose to play with Kobe over Lebron.

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Good Game, Random Player Vol. 10 - Rasho Nesterovic boasts an all-around night with 13 points, 15 boards, 5 assists, and 7 blocks.

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